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  • Vegan Moroccan Lentil Meatballs
    My Mom really enjoys the Moroccan meatballs at a local restaurant (she is not vegan), and she was saying recently that I should make some vegan ones.  I have made her other vegan meat balls in the past, and she actually prefers them to the ones made with meat, so I thought this would be easy, and fun!  It really was pretty simple, and I have a feeling many a meat eater could be won over with the meatballs I made. I used a lentil walnut base bound together with oats, and they turned out tender and delicious as they should be.  Not mushy or too tough at all like some plant based meatballs.  I spiced the mixture with Moroccan aromatics like cinnamon, cumin and paprika.  It was good even before I baked it, so I knew these were going to be awesome.  I made a sauce with those same flavored echoed in it.  All together, it was a delicious combination.  I served it with some saffron quinoa, and it was a lovely meal.  My Mom loved it, and said the "meatballs" were even better than the ones at the restaurant.  I love it when I can recreate a vegan dish better then the original! Vegan Moroccan Lentil Meatballs Serves 4 Meatballs: 2/3 cup uncooked French lentils filtered water 1 tsp olive oil ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-09By Amy Lyons
    2 years ago
  • Flaky Coconut Tofu with Creamy Chard Jasmine Rice
    Tofu slabs are coated in shredded coconut, pan-fried to crispy perfection and served over a bed jasmine rice in rich and creamy coconut milk-chard sauce to make this decadent creation from Pure & Beautiful Vegan Cooking. This is one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten. And it’s not my recipe. Annnnnd I’m feeling just a little bit…ahhhhh…jealous. There. Said it. Whew! This dish came from Produce on Parade blogger Kathleen Henry’s new book, Pure & Beautiful Vegan Cooking. I kind of suspected I was in for something good when I picked out this recipe to share in my review. Crispy pan-fried tofu with a coconut crust over creamy coconut rice…I mean, by now you guys have a pretty good idea of what I’m into, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that this particular dish jumped out at me. I knew when I started sneaking taste tests of the tofu and even a spoonful of the coconut chard sauce straight from the blender that this was going to be off the charts good. It was. Now, having said that, all the dishes in this book are super appealing to me. The recipes are inspired by Katie’s home in rural Alaska. I have no idea what things are like in rural Alaska, but I kind of feel like it must be awesome, just based ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-09By Alissa Saenz
    2 years ago
  • Guest Blog: Writing saved my life, and now I want to save other young men and women
    I am a storyteller, a lover of words, painting an unforgettable picture with each story—with my story. ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-09By Shaka Sendhor
    2 years ago
  • Vegan Butternut Squash Carbonara with Bacon and Sage
    “But I could never give up bacon!” How many of us, as pre-vegans, uttered those words? Or how many times have we heard someone else say them? “Mmm. Bacon!” How many of us have seen (or deleted!) that comment posted on our Facebook wall by a non-vegan when we write something about being vegan? Bacon seems to be a lightning rod word and food. I like to remind clients that bacon is just that: a word. A word that describes a food that has been cured or has a certain type of smoked seasoning that most of us associate with our non-vegan days. In cooking classes, I talk about the variety of cooking techniques and seasonings one can use to create a vegan version of this food memory. Animal lovers, rejoice! Leinana Two Moons has taken that concept to a whole new level by creating the one and only cookbook devoted exclusively to vegan bacon. Now when someone says “But I could never give up bacon!” we can say, “You don’t have to!” Because Baconish! Today I’m offering you a chance to win a copy of this clever and delicious vegan cookbook (below) and I’m sharing a recipe, Butternut Squash Carbonara with Bacon and Sage, with permission from the author. Even better, Leinana Two Moons happens to be my guest today on Even better, Leinana Two Moons ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-09By JL Fields
    2 years ago
  • Strawberry Banana Mango Green Smoothie
    Here’s the first post of our healthy vegan breakfast recipes series! Smoothies are one of my favorite meals in the whole word, so when I was thinking about the recipes I wanted to make for the series, I knew I had to make a smoothie for you guys, and it’s amazing! I used my 3 favorite fruits: berries (I used strawberries), bananas and mango. I usually have 2 to 4 cups of green smoothie for breakfast, it depends on how hungry I am, but you can make smaller or bigger smoothies, it’s up to you! When I have a smoothie in the morning, I don’t eat anything else because I eat until I’m full and I prefer not to combine fruits with other meals, only with greens and raw veggies. Smoothies are so convenient because they’re ready in 5 minutes, you can keep them in a jar and drink them on the go. Freshly made smoothies are better, I know, but if you can’t, it’s okay to make yours the night before or when you wake up. It will lose some nutrients like vitamin C, but it’s better than a donut or any other unhealthy processed food.  Do you like this smoothie? Then take a look at our eBook: Simple Vegan Smoothies, 31 delicious and easy recipes for a healthier you. In Simple Vegan Smoothies you’ll find 31 totally new ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-09By Iosune
    2 years ago
  • Caprese Salad Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms
    Roasted portabella mushrooms are filled with fresh caprese salad to make this healthy summer dinner. ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-09By Liz
    2 years ago
  • Optimal Vinegar Dose
    Published on 2016-05-09By Michael Greger M.D.
    2 years ago
  • 01 May 2016
    Must Listen! The Cafe Gratitude Betrayal and Its Global Environmental Implications – Restaurant Owners Partner with Scam Artist Rancher! + guest MARTA ZARASKA talks about her book “MEATHOOKED: The History and Science of Our 2.5-Million-Year Obsession with Meat + commentary from Professor GARY FRANCIONE + join us for the first-ever “VEGAN (Because We Care!) Walk” July 29 in Berkeley to kick off the World Vegan Summit & Expo. ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-09By Admin
    2 years ago
  • WS: Lectures – Reinventing Direct Action: Alternatives to Theatrical Militancy – Josh Harper
    Episode 183: This week we bring you another installment of our Which Side: Lectures series. This presentation was given by Josh Harper on March, 2015 in Los Angeles, California at the Empty Cages LA - Collective Liberation Conference. The Lecture is called: "Reinventing Direct Action: Alternatives to Theatrical Militancy". Josh discusses the ALF—how they are portrayed, how they portray themselves, and how they can modify their public image to achieve more victories for animals. #fsd You can find out more about Which Side: Lectures and all the other podcasts in the collective by visiting: Help Contribute: Anyone is free to contribute lectures they’ve recorded from events they’ve attended or speeches they have given. We actually encourage it… So please send your audio or video recordings to #fsd Episode Sponsor: This weeks episode is sponsored by the Utah Animal Rights Coalition! Become a UARC member today and recieve awesome benefits to local vegan businesses including the Which Side Media Collective Store. Visit: Episode Music: Beaver Blink (Ooah Remix) - Fine Cut Bodies FrainBreeze - Pegboard Nerds Which Side Are You On - Für Brot und Freiheit Listener Shout Out: No Listener Shout Out this week. Did you know you can shout out anything you desire and help support the show in the process? By donating at least $10 individuals can tell us what to say & be a featured ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-09By Which Side Media Collective
    2 years ago
  • Brownie Batter Vegan Protein Overnight Oats
    You’d think that hearing someone say, “Oh man, that’s so good!” while eating food would be a good thing, right? Well, now that I live in China, that sentence has become a red flag to warn me about… MSG! Dun, dun, duuuuuuun… I didn’t think much about or worry about MSG living in the states, except for when I went to certain Asian restaurants, but now that I live in China, I’m practically swimming in those long, clear, salt-like seasonings. I actually don’t know much about MSG, but I do know that it’s not the best for me…or you. I also know that it makes me want to keep eating and eating and eating, even when my stomach is full. Continue reading Brownie Batter Vegan Protein Overnight Oats... ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-09By Faith
    2 years ago
  • Of Vegan Wine and Hunters
    Journey with me through the Sonoma Wine Country as I share my experience eating vegan food, drinking wine, and talking to a wine-making hunter, who invited me to join him on one of his hunts. In this episode, I offer my thoughts about "vegan wines." This podcast is sponsored by listeners like you. Help it continue. Visit for everything you need to live compassionately and healthfully.   ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-08By Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, Vegan Author & Speaker
    2 years ago
  • Vegan News You Can Use (5/8/16)
    It’s Sunday and that means it’s time for the vegan news. As always, before we get to that, just a reminder that my live radio show, Easy Vegan, airs tomorrow at 12 p.m. MST / 2 p.m. EST. and my guest is Leinana Two Moons! Pro tip: LIVE listeners just might have a chance to win a copy of the new cookbook Baconish! Listen on 93.9 FM in Colorado Springs and stream from anywhere via or the free TuneIn app. If you missed last week’s show, be sure to catch the show archive. Robin Robertson and I chatted about her favorite vegan recipes and cooking ideas for new vegans. Listen here: And now, the news! Vegan news you can use (5/8/16) How to Avoid Hiring an Animal Rights Activist (UGH!) Physician’s Group Urges Vegan Diet to Combat Chronic Illness Vegan – a trend becomes a business model Meat-free lifestyle gains traction Eaton Helps Winemakers Meet Needs of Growing Vegan Wine Market How Students Can Live A Vegan Lifestyle On A Broke College Budget Herbivorous Butcher Serves Paul McCartney Dinner Congressman Ted Deutch on Going Vegan and Dining Out in South Florida Rochester River School could be first vegan school in the area Plant-Based School Lunches on the Rise 10 tips for planning a vegan wedding This Momofuku-approved vegan burger beats meat Vegans in Alaska? Yes, ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-08By JL Fields
    2 years ago
  • What Vegans Eat – Day 452
    Breakfast: Coming to the end of the Food Revolution Summit, I was treated to Buckwheat Waffles with Bananas, Prune Butter and Papaya, along with Green Tea.   Daily Green Juice: I finally got to matching a new batch of juice made with Kale, Collards, Celery, Cucumber and Lemon and I added in a couple of… ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-08By Caryn Hartglass
    2 years ago
  • Raspberry Fondant Ruffle Cake
    Recently I saw a beautiful cake picture on Instagram. (The blog this picture was from is beautiful, too.) This cake looked so lovely and perfect that I immediately wanted to make it. Which is unusual because the cake was a fondant cake. And I don’t like fondant. Well, that is not really true. I likeRead more The post Raspberry Fondant Ruffle Cake appeared first on seitan is my motor. ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-08By Mihl
    2 years ago
  • Vegan Almond Joy Mini Bundt Cakes
    Since it is Mother's Day, I thought I would post a recipe that I made for my own Mother. But first, I want to thank my Mom for being the wonderful Mom that she is. I have always been close to my Mom, we did everything together when I was younger which was easy because we enjoyed a lot of the same things. We both enjoy good food, traveling to interesting places, going for walks etc. So I have a lot of wonderful memories growing up with her. She has been one of my best friends, and always been supportive of me in whatever I choose to go after. She was at every track meet, ski race, and road race when I used to compete, and she is a big supporter of my blog always willing to sample recipes, give me ideas, and help me with things like editing my book. She was always the cool Mom, never embarrassing me, just always there to help when I needed it. I couldn't ask for a better Mom and I am glad God chose to have her be my Mom. So thank you Mom, for being you. Love you! So, back to that recipe I mentioned, my Mom loves all things Almond Joy. She loved the candy bars when I was little, always taking ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-08By Amy Lyons
    2 years ago
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