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  • Vegan Chickpea Mayonnaise
    Vegan mayonnaise made from chickpea brine is the latest innovation from Sir Kensington's. ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-24
    2 years ago
  • 10 Great Recipes for Strawberry Season
    Few fruits offer as much sensory pleasure as strawberries, especially in their true season, late spring and early summer. Just be aware that strawberries consistently rank near the top of lists of foods most heavily sprayed with pesticides. Read ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-24By Jordan St. Clair-Jackson
    2 years ago
  • Matcha Mojito Smoothie + News to Share!
    The sun is shining, there’s a balmy warmth in the air, and the days are getting longer. Summer is moving in and the school year is drawing to a close. The school I work at has been undergoing major renovations, many of which will take place this summer. So in an effort to provide plenty of time […] ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-24By Ashley
    2 years ago
  • As if you needed more proof that veganism is going mainstream,…
    As if you needed more proof that veganism is going mainstream, Baileys has released a vegan Irish cream, while Beyond Meat is debuting its plant-based patties, which will be located in the meat section. I guess we know what we’re having for dinner tonight. ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-24
    2 years ago
  • Light Bright Lemon Smoothie
    Light Bright Lemon Smoothie – fresh and filling, this quick and colorful smoothie is a great snack or breakfast, with flavors of sunshine!   Did you have a Lite-Brite when you were a kid? I loved mine. As a young beginner creative, those blank pages were my favorite. I just cannot wait for the summer like... Read More » The post Light Bright Lemon Smoothie appeared first on spabettie. ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-23By Kristina Sloggett
    2 years ago
  • Vegan Japanese Curry
    We love making Japanese curry, and we’ve had several iterations of Vegan Japanese Curry here on Vegan Miam. This vegan Japanese curry is a more traditional take on our popular Japanese Kabocha Curry recipe. We’ve substituted potatoes for the slightly seasonal kabocha squash, making this a more accessible and year-round vegan Japanese curry. Japanese curries are incredibly popular in Taiwan and were a staple of my childhood. My mother would always make quick curries using S&B Golden Curry Sauce Mix, but I was never particularly fond of them. Most of these packaged curry sauces aren’t vegan (though a few are) and they generally contain additives and ingredients that many of our readers would prefer to avoid. Making your own homemade vegan Japanese curry is surprisingly simple and immensely satisfying. With its rich, hearty flavors and chunky vegetables; this is humble and delicious comfort food. To help make this recipe even easier, we’ve included notes on which curry powders to use as well as instructions for a gluten-free option. Traditionally Japanese curry is sweeter and thicker than other types of curry and typically served with rice. Vegan Japanese Curry 3-4 servings, serve with cooked rice or udon noodles Ingredients For the Roux (see GF option in Notes) 3 tbsp neutral oil, such as canola or ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-23By vegan miam
    2 years ago
  • ARZone Podcast 88: Casey Taft – Clinical Psychologist
    Episode 88 features Casey Taft. Casey Taft is Professor of Psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine and focuses his research on the prevention of interpersonal violence. He has consulted with the United Nations and the domestic violence programs that he has developed are being utilized in the United States Department of Defense as well as the Veteran’s Health Administration. He’s also ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-23By (
    2 years ago
  • Vegan Neapolitan Cheesecake
    Hi, I’m Emily, and I’m SO excited to be sharing this Vegan Neapolitan Cheesecake on My Whole Food Life today! So, what’s better than cheesecake? THREE cheesecakes in one! Yaaas. To top THAT? It’s made entirely from whole foods! Say whaat? Layers of dreamy chocolate, strawberry cream, and smooth vanilla bean cheesecake, topped with chocolate ganache. So rich. So creamy. Tastes like something sinful. But it’s made from wholesome ingredients you can feel good about putting in your body! Do I hear angels singing?! There is NO dairy needed for this cheesecake. It’s made from the magic CASHEWS! Yep! When you soak them overnight, they magically plump up so you can blend them into CREAM. Sweet, delicious vegan cream. This triple layer cheesecake looks impressive, but don’t let the recipe intimidate you. It’s actually really simple to make. No baking required. All you need is a food processor and a little time to let each layer to set. One of the BEST things about raw desserts (besides the deliciousness and health benefits) is they’re virtually impossible to mess up. It’s flexible and customizable to YOUR taste. Want it a little sweeter? Go right ahead and add a splash of maple syrup! More cheesecake tang? Squeeze extra lemon juice in. Darker chocolate?  Throw in a little more cacao. However YOU like. Blend, ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-23By Melissa King
    2 years ago
  • First Vegan Burger to be Sold Alongside Meat Debuts
    Beyond Meat has invested more than seven years of research into the making of this new breathtaking option, dubbed plant-based burger 5.0. ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-23
    2 years ago
  • Easy Vegan Apple-Raisin Fruit Crisp
    Made with rolled oats, Sucanat, vanilla, and spices, this topping takes fall-favorite fruit to a new level. For added crunch and nutrition, add some chopped nuts or sunflower seeds. ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-23
    2 years ago
  • Baileys Releases Vegan Irish Cream
    Almond milk-based beverage Almande is Baileys foray into growing dairy-free market. ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-23
    2 years ago
    This is the fourth post in a self-care and body-care series I am doing in collaboration with Luminance Skin Care, an organic vegan skincare company that I love. This post also includes a face mask GIVEAWAY! Enter below by commenting on this blog post: comment with a question you might have about Luminance, skin care, face masks or whatever! The Luminance team will answer all your queries. Also, you can get a free enzyme mask if you buy something from Luminance's online shop and mention my blog's name at checkout!I want to preface this post with a reminder that self care doesn't have to have anything to do with face masks or body care products, or any products in general. Self care can look however you want/need it to look. For me, it looks like a lot of baths, self-massages with essential oils, homemade face masks or ones from Luminance, meditation, naked dancing in front of my mirror, long walks, and more. Whatever you know makes you feel grounded, safe and peaceful: do that for self care! In this series I am tying self care to body care because FOR ME they are closely connected. But I certainly understand if as part of your care routine you want to avoid capitalist structures altogether/as much as possible. So in this post I am providing some DIY recipes for face ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-23By Emily von Euw
    2 years ago
  • An Interview with Zoe Bee Beauty!
    I am the creator of Zoe Bee Beauty. My mission?… Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body and it readily absorbs many of the things it comes in contact with, whether bad or good? This is why some drugs can be administered via a patch! It takes a mere 26 seconds for your skin to absorb an applied substance. It is pretty hard to find a commercial skin care product that is devoid of harmful chemicals these days. Thankfully, this is where I can help. I have always been a maker at heart. Even when I was a little girl, making things always brought me joy. I also chose to become vegetarian. I adored animals. As an adult, I find an extreme amount of happiness from not only making things but creating good things for my body, home and family. My friends and family always came to me for advice regarding issues with their skin or their hair. They knew how I loved to treat my ailments naturally. I was always whipping up potions. My mum often laughed because when I was a teenager, if I had a spot on my face, I’d disappear into the bathroom for an hour with one of my potions and come out spot free! The idea occurred to me one day ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-23By Sally Thompson
    2 years ago
  • Vegan Chipotle Hummus Rainbow Wrap
    *Giveaway below!* There’s nothing I love more than easy, colorful, delicious meals and today’s Vegan Chipotle Rainbow Wrap checks all the boxes!  I like this recipe as an easy lunch because it takes just a few minutes to prep and it’s perfect to pack for school or work. To amp up the flavor, I used Sir Kensington’s new Chipotle […] The post Vegan Chipotle Hummus Rainbow Wrap appeared first on The Colorful Kitchen. ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-23By Ilene
    2 years ago
  • Individual Vegan Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler with Almond Biscuits
    A lot of times when I go out running, I admire the gardens in people's yards as I run past wishing they were mine, and I was able to grow all of the good stuff they are.  I live in a townhome, so all I am allowed is small pots.  I grow herbs, but that is about it. There isn't much growing this time of the year, but there is rhubarb, which got me to thinking I want strawberry rhubarb something or other. It is such a delicious combination.  My Grandma used to make the most delicious strawberry rhubarb sauce, and I would eat so much that she would say "Careful, or you will get a stomach ache!" I assume from all of the sugar.  I never did though.  I loved that stuff. My Dad grows rhubarb, and I hope to go over to his house and pick some soon, but I caved and bought some at the store because it was there,  and I had loads of strawberries at home and I wanted to make something strawberry rhubarb!  I had recently seen some individual strawberry rhubarb cobblers on Facebook, and I admit they made me crave them hard core.  They were not vegan, but I said to myself, I can veganize them and I bet they will taste even better.  So I ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-23By Amy Lyons
    2 years ago
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