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  • ESPN Profiles Vegan NFL Player Griff Whalen
    New Miami Dolphins' wide receiver credits football success to the edge his vegan diet provides. ... read more
    Published on 2016-06-03
    2 years ago
  • Photo Friday: Island Interlude
    Published on 2016-06-03By Hannah (BitterSweet)
    2 years ago
  • Lose Two Pounds in One Sitting: Taking the Mioscenic Route
    Published on 2016-06-03By Michael Greger M.D.
    2 years ago
  • Video: Mushroom And Roasted Pepper Quesadilla
    Need a fast dinner? This quesadilla's got you covered. ... read more
    Published on 2016-06-03By Kate
    2 years ago
  • Friday FAQs: The recipes/foods I packed for the hospital, veggie-heavy summer recipes, canned coconut cream, and more!
    Happy June everyone! I hope you’re in store for a beautiful weekend ahead. Now that our family is on the mend after illness, we’re looking forward to getting outside for the weekend—which will include Adriana’s first visit to a splash pad (can’t wait!) and a barbeque event. It should be a good one. I hope you enjoy this week’s Friday FAQs. Keep those questions coming and I’ll do my best to help out. Also, I love when you guys chime in with suggestions in the comments so please don’t be shy! For all of my previous FAQ installments please see here. Q1. Hi Ange! I’m due in 2 days and wondering if you have any tips on what to pack in a cooler to bring to the hospital? My freezer at home is stocked, but I’m unsure what to bring with me, and wondered if you had suggestions. I remember you saying you packed a big cooler yourself, but I can’t recall what all you packed. Thanks for your help! A. Hey Tara, So excited for you, and I’m happy to help with some ideas. My memory is a bit foggy from that time (lol), but here is my best guess: A huge container of Vegan Overnight Oats (I think it was a triple batch and I absolutely devoured it the next morning! Oats ... read more
    Published on 2016-06-03By Angela (Oh She Glows)
    2 years ago
  • Vegan Almond Butter and Strawberry Rhubarb Jelly Bars
    Strawberry rhubarb jam I my jam.  Just sayin.  It is so good, I think it is my favorite type of jam now even more so than raspberry which is what I grew up with.  I have made a few batches of strawberry rhubarb chia refrigerator jam this week, and it is so delicious! It has less sugar than most jams, but it suits my tastes.  I decided that it needed to make it into some sort of strawberry rhubarb bars this week, because I was craving them, and they used to be something I enjoyed as a child.  I decided on some nut butter and jam bars over crumble bars just because I love my nut butter. It would be almond butter this time, as good as peanut butter sounded, because I like to switch it up.  Plus, I figured the sweet almonds would be a perfect match for the strawberry rhubarb jam!  These are actually pretty simple to make.  I have made other versions before but this one is modified to my current tastes.  I am just going to say that the almond butter cookie dough (bar dough?  Whatever it is called) is really kind of addictive and tasty and it is a good thing I didn't eat too much or there would not have been enough for the bars.  These smelled ... read more
    Published on 2016-06-03By Amy Lyons
    2 years ago
  • Vegan Mango Streusel Cake
    I’m scared I’ll cause the death of a Chinese person very soon. Ever since we moved to China, I get stared at everywhere I go. I’m not talking about the shy-glance kind of stare. I’m talking about the mouth open, eyes bright, hit-your-friend-cause-it’s-a-foreigner kind of stare. There are some rare days when I’m not aware of people staring at me, but most of the time it’s so obvious I can’t help but notice.  So, I’m guessing you’re still wondering why I’m scared to cause someones death. WELL, because people not only stare at me when they’re walking on the sidewalk, but they also stare at me when they’re operating heavy machinery like cars and electric scooters. These are the people that scare me the most. Continue reading Vegan Mango Streusel Cake... ... read more
    Published on 2016-06-03By Faith
    2 years ago
  • 6 Activities to do with Kids Instead of Going to the Zoo
    “How many more animals are going to be shot dead for the crime of living a life in captivity with irresponsible humans at the helm? [Zoos are]…places where bored living beings are on display behind fences and cement walls, going back and forth along paths beaten down by their own incessant pacing.” – JoAnne McArthur, A rare 17 year old gorilla named Harambe was shot dead at The Cincinnati Zoo this past weekend because a four-year old child fell into the exhibit. This isn’t the first incident of a child falling into a zoo enclosure, and as long as zoos remain in business, it won’t be the last. Not surprisingly, this absolute tragedy has sparked debate between zoo advocates and animal advocates about the archaic practice of keeping animals in captivity and on display. One online petition called “Justice for Harambe”  has garnered more than 415,000 signatures as of today. Despite their commonly cited benefits, zoos are no home sweet home for the animals. Even at their best, zoos can never replicate or replace animals’ chosen and natural habitats. Animals are either taken from their home or born into captivity where they are prevented from doing things that are natural to them like running, roaming, flying, climbing, foraging, choosing a mate, raising a family, and being with others of their own species. A zoo is a ... read more
    Published on 2016-06-03By KD Angle Traegner
    2 years ago
  • Germany Enacts Strict Rules to Ensure Vegan Food is Vegan
    European country adopts its first-ever legally binding definition of vegan, preventing manufacturers from using buzzworthy labeling on foods with trace animal ingredients. ... read more
    Published on 2016-06-02
    2 years ago
  • Summer Corn Fritters with Avocado-Lime Salsa, Vegan + Gluten-Free
    On this super sunny morning the kittens were lounging by the open window, the birds were chirping and I was in the kitchen cooking up a storm. I love this time of year for cooking all day long. There are longer hours of good photography light and the farmer's markets are loaded with inspiration. And today's inspiration was sweet, golden, fresh summer corn. These Fresh Summer Corn Fritters with Avocado-Lime Salsa are fluffy and flavorful with spicy-salty-sweet flavors in every bite. The buttery avocado salsa on top is citrusy, bright and zingy -- a perfect contrast to the cozy corn fritter. And yes, you can even bake these fritters instead of pan-frying them, if you want. Gluten-free and rich in corn goodness. Let's start husking.. Plus find out what my Summer15 is all about!... This is a summary, images and full post available on HHL website! ... read more
    Published on 2016-06-02By Kathy
    2 years ago
  • Need a great vegan coffee creamer to start your day? Check out…
    Need a great vegan coffee creamer to start your day? Check out our guide to 5 Vegan Coffee Creamers to Spruce Up Your Morning Latte. ... read more
    Published on 2016-06-02
    2 years ago
  • #42 Being A Vegan Athlete, Food Talk & Vegan Travel A Conversation with Donta Harris
    It was a lot of fun having Donta on the show to discuss his vegan journey, being vegan while traveling, vegan fitness, finding a vegan community, how he inspired his family to make changes to their own diets and mastering the art of tofu. He's on a mission to scatter the stereotype of what a vegan looks out. Check out his video entry for the Vegan Smart contest and vote for him using the link on his Instagram bio  Contact Donta on Instagram here ... read more
    Published on 2016-06-02By Monique Koch
    2 years ago
  • US Imposes Historic Restriction on Ivory Trade
    New legislation further protects endangered African elephants by effectively banning the import and export of new ivory. ... read more
    Published on 2016-06-02
    2 years ago
  • 5 Vegan Coffee Creamers to Spruce Up Your Morning Latte
    Being vegan doesnt mean you cant have a great cup of coffee. ... read more
    Published on 2016-06-02
    2 years ago
    It's bout time for another post, hey? So here I am, loyally yours, with bliss balls. These are pretty much anything you want them to be: dessert, snack, energy bite, whatever. Heck, eat them all for dinner if you wanna. They are dense and nutritious and chocolately and really quick to make. I tried to keep the ingredients simple and as usual, there are a ton of substitution options in case you don't have all the ingredients. I really appreciate all the love you've been sending my way, it helps more than I can express in words. I have been wearing my heart on my sleeve through this whole process and will continue to do so; it's hard for me to hide my thoughts and emotions. Freaky side note: I have inexplicably developed a heart-shaped bruise on my arm and I'm choosing to see it as a symbol of me wearing my heart on my sleeve (literally now) AND my body healing my broken heart / spirit, since as a friend reminded me: bruises are signs of healing. Feeling so rejected and alone lately, my anxiety-filled mind gets the better of me at least once a day and I end up thinking: I deserve this, it's my fault, I'm worthless... all that fun stuff. But reading your emails, comments and messages (+ talking with my friends and ... read more
    Published on 2016-06-02By Emily von Euw
    2 years ago
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