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  • coconut green soup with celery, kale + ginger
    This happens to me every other week or so. I buy celery to use as a base component of recipes, like in a soup, vegetable stock, or grain pilaf. Then, inevitably, I get a decent amount of limp-y celery stalks just sitting in my crisper with no real end purpose. I usually take that as […] The post coconut green soup with celery, kale + ginger appeared first on The First Mess // Plant-Based Recipes + Photography by Laura Wright. ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-11By Laura
    2 years ago
  • Episode 7: Chef Laura Delhauer, Magaritas, Avocados, and Your Hostess, Jasmin Singer!
    Jasmin and Chef Laura Hi everyone. It’s Jasmin Singer in Laura’s kitchen again! I’m very pleased to announce that Chef Laura Delhauer has agreed to be the regularly featured chef on the Teaching Jasmin How to Cook Vegan Podcast! I know you’ll want to follow along as we chat, chop, and create great vegan dishes. On Episode 7, we spoke of eating mindfully and healthfully in all senses of the word, even though it’s sometimes difficult to get along in the world. But hope springs in spring, and May means Mexican food for Chef Laura. Join us for margaritas, guacamole, and fajitas! (Oh my!) Let’s get cooking! This episode is brought to you by VegucatedPart sociological adventure and part comedy, Vegucated follows three meat and cheese loving New Yorkers who agree to adopt a vegan diet for 6 weeks. This entertaining documentary showcases the rapid and at times comedic evolution of three people who discover they can change the world the world, one bite at a time. Visit for more info and be sure to catch vegucated on netflicks. And now for the recipes we made on Episode 7 of the Teaching Jasmin How to Cook Vegan Podcast !     Print This!     Mango Margaritas by Chef Laura Delhauer Ingredients:(serves 2-3) 10 oz frozen mango (1 small package) 1/2 cup tequila 1/2 cup lime juice 2 Tbsp agave or maple syrup (more to taste) ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-11By Jasmin Singer
    2 years ago
  • WIAW: What I Eat After Traveling
    I don’t know about you guys, but my stomach is always all wacky during and after traveling, especially when planes are involved. The change in pressure, the hours of sitting, and the lack of privacy always leaves me with a bloated, uncomfortable tummy. I always look forward to having better digestion once we get back home and start up a normal eating routine again. Today I thought I’d share with you what I ate the day after our 5 days of travel from America, through Switzerland, and then home to China. We had a 9 hour flight, two jam packed days in Switzerland, a 10 hour flight, a 3 hour flight, and then another 1 hour flight. The lack of sleep, constant snacking but no full meals, lugging bags around and dealing with airline employees got me so ready to be home and eating my own food. Continue reading WIAW: What I Eat After Traveling... ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-11By Faith
    2 years ago
  • Vegan World Radio – Tue 10 May 2016
    <p>Telling the story of the vegan revolution that's saving the animals, the planet and our health. The World is going vegan. Tune in to Vegan World Radio to find out why you should too. Animal agriculture is unsustainable in that it contributes more to greenhouse gasses than any other human endeavor and contributes to world hunger, animal cruelty and is the foundation of violence on this planet. Hear the voices that are changing the world on Vegan World Radio. Web site: <a target="_blank" href=""></a><br /> The Vegan World Radio Collective: Anuj, Avon, Jerrilyn, and Pamela<span style="font-family: georgia,serif;" class="Apple-style-span">. </span></p> ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-11
    2 years ago
    This was probably subconsciously inspired by a recipe I saw on Instagram from @sobeautifullyraw (Sam). Their pics are way better than mine because the lighting was AWFUL this afternoon. Like, I was actually angry at the weather. Angry. But I'm trying to keep goin with this regular posting thing so we'll all just have to deal with these crappy photos. Please forgive me and keep reading my blog.//FROSTY MINT SMOOTHIE with CHOCOLATE Smoothie:2 frozen bananas1 orange1 teaspoon dried mint leaves1/2 teaspoon spirulina powder1/4 cup walnuts, preferably soaked in water for 4 hours then rinsed1-2 cups water or vegan milkRaw chocolate:1 tablespoon cacao powder2 tablespoons maple syrup1/4 teaspoon vanilla powderPinch Himalayan saltWater, if neededTo make the smoothie: blend all ingredients together until smooth, sweet and green! Adjust according to taste. Add more spirulina if it's not green enough for ya. Add more liquid if it's too thick.To make the chocolate: stir together the ingredients until you have chocolate sauce. Decorate the inside of a glass with the chocolate using a spoon. Pour in the smoothie and enjoy!Did you like this post? Then subscribe to my blog and get all my posts by email! ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-11By Emily von Euw
    2 years ago
  • Vegan Goat Cheese Bacon Wrapped Dates
    Vegan Goat Cheese Bacon Wrapped Dates – tangy rich and smoky sweet, these bite size gems are always welcome at the party table! plan on making a double batch, at least.   I really dislike that phrase life changing when it is used to describe something that is most decidedly not. I am not going... Read More » The post Vegan Goat Cheese Bacon Wrapped Dates appeared first on spabettie. ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-10By Kristina Sloggett
    2 years ago
  • Our May+June issue is flying off newsstands like … well,…
    Our May+June issue is flying off newsstands like … well, we don’t what it’s like, but we know it’s fast! Get a copy of yours here and learn all about vegan pizza, salted triple-chip cookies, and vegan Instagrammers. ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-10
    2 years ago
  • Chocolate Pecan Granola Bars
    You only need 8 ingredients to make these amazing Chocolate Pecan Granola Bars. They are vegan, gluten-free and no added oils! These are so delicious and made with wholesome ingredients, that you will never need to buy preservative and chemical-filled store versions again. 2 of my favorite things in the world are chocolate and pecans. Combining them into granola bars Continue Reading ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-10By
    2 years ago
  • How to Make Incredible Vegan Cheesecake
    Go beyond graham-cracker crusts and strawberry sauce when making this delicious treat. ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-10
    2 years ago
  • Musician/YouTube star Ricky Dillon recently told his 2.4 million…
    Musician/YouTube star Ricky Dillon recently told his 2.4 million social media followers that he’s gone vegan. “I’ve officially been vegan for a full week and have never felt better,” Dillon said. “It’s hard to describe, but my body feels so light and fresh.” ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-10
    2 years ago
  • Vegan Blueberry Scones
    These scones are chock-full of blueberries and make for a wonderful breakfast treat. ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-10
    2 years ago
  • The Final Final
    It’s a familiar, if vexing routine. Intense stress of a difficult semester becomes condensed into the span of a few days, complete with a mountain of busy work that will never serve any purpose in the real world. Study, lose sleep, slave away on essays, and ultimately jump over another hurdle. Pause for a few weeks and repeat, ad nauseam. The relentless cycle of schoolwork and deadlines holds scant appeal these days, after a lifetime of compulsory education followed by an extended part-time approach to earning a degree. Still in the throes of this final wave of exams, I’m ready to get off this hamster wheel once and for all. This is my final round of finals. Hard to believe that relief is in sight, at long last. Many years went by when I couldn’t even say for sure if I was a Sophomore or a Junior, graduating in 2015, 2016, or just graduating, period. Working online, separated from a physical campus by hundreds of miles, I was completely in the dark; there was no light at the end of the tunnel at all. No one could have predicted what crazy, twisting path lay ahead, nor how the journey might shape my life, far beyond basic intellectual enrichment. Pulling me across the country to this foreign land that I now call home, it may ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-10By Hannah (BitterSweet)
    2 years ago
  • Raw Hazelnut Chocolate Mylk
    My boyfriend Eric has always been a big milk drinker, and even though dairy bothers his stomach, he still won't give it up for long.  I am always trying to get him to buy plant based vegan milks, because of course I don't believe in drinking animal milk in the first place, and I don't want to see him suffer through stomach issues. Sometimes he does buy them, but he says that he doesn't care for most of the store bought ones much. I have made him some in the past, and he enjoyed them, so recently I decided to make him some Raw Hazelnut Chocolate Mylk. Chocolate milk is his favorite.  He is a big sweet lover, and can not resist it.  I had never made hazelnut mylk, so it was time to try.  It is relatively simple to make, the only prep is soaking the hazelnuts before blending (and the blending takes all of 2 minutes). So not having time to make this is not an excuse.  It turned out sooo good!  Like Nutella milk, but of course healthier.  I used dates to sweeten this so it was just sweet enough, but not so sweet that it was overwhelming. I shared some of this mylk with my Mom as well, who said it is great to add to your coffee.  So, ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-10By Amy Lyons
    2 years ago
  • Simple Vegan Oatmeal
    I’m having a bowl of oatmeal almost every day since I came to Germany and this is my favorite recipe. We shared other oatmeal recipes on the blog (easy vegan oatmeal, vegan blueberry peanut butter oats, simple vegan chocolate oatmeal and apple pie baked oatmeal) and another amazing recipe in our Simple Vegan Meals ebook. I LOVE oatmeal, just in case you didn’t realize.  I usually make my oatmeal with water, but I’ve used soy milk this time because I feel oatmeal is creamier and tastes better if I use some plant milk. When I make it using water, sometimes I add a splash of some plant milk at the end, but it will also be delicious if you use only water. I think is almost impossible to go wrong with this recipe, it’s always delicious and I could eat it every single day. If you are really busy in the morning, you can make your oatmeal the night before and then reheat it with some water or milk in the morning. It also tastes good cold, but hot is better, especially when it’s cold outside. Tips: You can use any plant milk, sweetener or fruit you want. Don’t be afraid to add your favorite ingredients (cocoa powder, superfoods, jam, nut butter, etc.). If the oatmeal is too thick for you, add more milk or water. I use frozen raspberries ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-10By Iosune
    2 years ago
  • Vegan One-Pot Mac and Cheese
    Dig in and enjoy this simple and easy Vegan One-Pot Mac and Cheese, that’s both creamy and extra cheesy. Who doesn’t want to make dinner in just one pot? And why shouldn’t it be the best comfort food in the world? The fact that it’s also vegan is just icing on the cake. Or cheese on the macaroni. And if you’re into amazing vegan cheese recipes, you’ll love my Vegan Cheesy Pull-Apart Bread or my Velvet vegan Cheese Sauce! When I was a teenager I had a friend that used to make her macaroni and cheese from a box. Well, actually from two boxes. She would take two cheese packets and mix them in with the cooked macaroni from one box. She liked her mac and cheese extra cheesy! Who doesn’t? That’s why today’s recipe for vegan one-pot mac and cheese is extra cheesy too. In honor of my friend…and every other person who likes their comfort food good and cheesy! Why You’ll Love Vegan One-Pot Mac and Cheese You’ll want to make this dish again and again because this is another one of those “keep it simple” recipes where we work to keep the ingredient list on the minimal side. Also, you can use gluten-free macaroni to make this vegan one-pot mac and cheese gluten-free too. Finally, you’ll love the rich flavor that Silk’s Cashew Milk adds ... read more
    Published on 2016-05-10By Marly
    2 years ago
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