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  • Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie
    I think banana cream pie is an under rated dessert.  I mean, apple pie, pumpkin pie and key lime pie get all of the attention.  Don't get me wrong, I love all of those pies, and I love pie in general but banana cream pie is bomb, and I don't see it around very often.  Maybe people are intimidated by the layers or cooking the filling or something.  I know I kind of used to be.  Before I was vegan, I remember I made a banana cream pie with a cooked pudding like filling and I wasn't sure if it would turn out but it was well worth the time and effort.  Well, guess what?  The banana cream pies that I make now require absolutely zero cooking!  So less to screw up, right?  I decided last weekend that I wanted to make one.  It had been way to long since I had done so, my favorite recipe being this Raw Banana Macadamia Coconut Cream Pie.  But I wanted a little less complicated recipe this time that didn't require cracking open young coconuts.  So, I made a Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie instead.  Peanut butter is just as good with bananas as the macadamias and so much cheaper.  You know me, I am always trying to work peanut butter into my recipes.  I love ... read more
    Published on 2018-03-18By Amy Lyons
    2 days ago
  • Vegan Lemon White Chocolate Truffle Eggs 
    When I was little, whenever I would go shopping with my Mom at the mall, we would always stop by the candy counter in one of the stores and buy a couple of truffles to enjoy.  There were so many delicious options, but the ones that we found ourselves drawn to time and time again were the key lime, and lemon cream. One time the woman at the counter said to us, "You know those are really tart!  I can't handle them!" But we loved that about them!  I guess it runs in our family because my Mom and Grandma both loved tart lemon and lime desserts and passed that onto me.  I mean, what is a key lime pie, or lemon meringue pie without the tart and too much sweet?!  That is why now when I make those things or anything with lemon or lime for that matter, it has to be a bit tart to balance out the sweet.  So, last weekend I decided to make some lemon white chocolate truffle eggs and I wanted them to be packed with delicious lemon flavor! I have made berry cream eggs, mint cream eggs, hazelnut truffle eggs, peanut butter eggs, and vegan Butterfinger eggs, but never any lemon or lime ones.  And, it was about time.  It just sounded really good to me, ... read more
    Published on 2018-03-18By Amy Lyons
    2 days ago
  • Spring Confetti Popcorn
    I am sooo ready for Spring!  The robins and ducks are back, the snow is melting quickly, and I have seen some pussy willows.  I have put away my Winter boots, and I am wearing my Spring clothes (even if it is still a little chilly darn it).  No more layer upon layer of jackets and such.  The thing I like most about Spring is running outside and watching everything come alive.  We aren't quite to that point yet, but I know we will be soon.  Also, I am craving more Spring inspired food.  So strawberries and asparagus and such.  But since they are not quite in season, I decided to make a festive popcorn.  Easter and Spring make me thing pastels, so I thought, why not create a beautiful confetti popcorn with different colors.  I am an art major, so I am all about color, and making things pretty.  Although I could have just made it vanilla cream flavored popcorn and used just vegan food coloring, I decided to give it a fruity flavor and color it with some of my favorite things. I would have to divide the popcorn between 3 bowls, and mix separate colors, but it would be so worth it!  I made a sweet vanilla white chocolate from cacao butter, coconut butter and cashew butter sweetened with maple ... read more
    Published on 2018-03-18By Amy Lyons
    2 days ago
  • Clean Eating Weekend Reading #4: Nutrition News, Recipes, & Fun
    Hello! Here’s a weekend reading round-up of nutrition news and notable recipes that caught my attention. Enjoy these articles and happy St. Patrick’s Day! Nutrition Research Quite a few people who suffer from autoimmune conditions find relief through an autoimmune dieting approach. Find out if the autoimmune protocol is right for you. A lot of people supplement with omega-3 fish oil. And that’s great! However, research shows that krill oil may have even better benefits than fish oil. This is the one I take. I love going for walks, so I’m glad to see that women who exercise, even just moderately, have a lower dementia risk. Of course, eating healthy clean foods helps too. Noteworthy Links Here are four fantastic benefits of meditation. I used this book to inspire my 8-minute daily practice. Learn how the pursuit of happiness may actually make you unhappy. From cauliPOWER mix to avocado chips to single shot servings of apple cider vinegar, find out what healthy foods are coming to store shelves in 2018. Recipes I’d Like to Try These sheet pan fajitas from Get Inspired Everyday! are perfect for meal prepping. This Thai pineapple chicken fried cauliflower rice from The Sophisticated Caveman is a great meal prep recipe as well. Aaaaand, for my sweet tooth. These Jameson caramel brownies from Fed+Fit look decadent and delicious. From Clean ... read more
    Published on 2018-03-17By Carrie Forrest, MPH in Nutrition
    2 days ago
  • Eggplant & Tofu in Soy Lime Sauce – Baked Eggplant stir fry
    Eggplant & Tofu in Soy Lime Sauce – Baked Eggplant stir fry. Easy 1 Pot meal. Add other veggies of choice. Vegan Gluten-free Nut-free Recipe. I made this quick baked stir fry to serve over the fluffy Cauliflower fried rice. Bake the tofu and eggplant and other veggies if using, to crisp and cook, then add the sauce and continue to bake to thicken! Serve hot over rice, fried rice, noodles, or cauliflower fried rice. Easy, 1 dish Meal.   Add other seasonal veggies of choice. Double the sauce when adding more ingredients. I have started baking tofu in a stoneware dish as it bakes up really well without getting crinkly and chewy and is just the right texture. The veggies also tend to retain more moisture. Try it and let me know your favorite method of baking tofu and the texture you love!Continue reading: Eggplant & Tofu in Soy Lime Sauce – Baked Eggplant stir fryThe post Eggplant & Tofu in Soy Lime Sauce – Baked Eggplant stir fry appeared first on Vegan Richa. ... read more
    Published on 2018-03-17By Richa
    2 days ago
  • Easy Buckwheat Porridge
    Easy buckwheat porridge, made with just 3 ingredients in less than 10 minutes. It’s a super satiating, gluten-free, breakfast recipe. Feel free to add your favorite toppings! Buckwheat flour is one of my go-to gluten-free flours and as you can see on the blog, I use it a lot. However, I had never used buckwheat groats until I made our gluten-free bread. I hadn’t used everything, so I thought making a buckwheat porridge should be a good idea and it was. Continue reading Easy Buckwheat Porridge at Simple Vegan Blog. ... read more
    Published on 2018-03-17By Iosune
    3 days ago
  • Episode 427: Joni Marie Newman and Marilyn Kroplick
    This week, Jasmin Singer talks to author Joni Marie Neuman about the art of simple vegan gifts, food desert awareness, and promoting plant-strong meals. Joni is an author, activist, and blogger currently residing in California. Her TEN(!) books include The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions The Best Veggie Burgers on the Planet, and Vegan Food Gifts. She recently began posting recipes using very specific guidelines for vegans (or those trying to eat vegan) living in a food desert. You can check out her first two entries here and here. Then, Mariann Sullivan talks to Marilyn Kroplick, President of In Defense of Animals, about her current work with IDA and her new 12-step program Carnivores Anonymous. Marilyn Kroplick, M.D. is a board-certified psychiatrist and award-winning socio-political photographer. Her passion for animal rights was ignited in 2002 after purchasing a puppy from a pet store who became terribly sick. Dr. Kroplick’s fight for justice led her to discover the system of abuse that brings puppies to pet stores, and successfully expose and shut down that store. Since 2011, Dr. Kroplick has led In Defense of Animals’ powerful campaigns to end the dog meat trade, advocate for elephants, strengthen animal cruelty laws, and save animals in need around the world. Dr. Kroplick is using her extensive expertise to build a movement that supports activists to achieve ... read more
    Published on 2018-03-17By Jasmin and Mariann
    3 days ago
  • Chocolate croissants, vegan cheese, and WINE! You won’t want to…
    Chocolate croissants, vegan cheese, and WINE! You won’t want to miss out on this one—reserve your spot on our food-lover’s tour of Paris today! ... read more
    Published on 2018-03-16
    4 days ago
  • Dine at Paris’ top vegan restaurantsIndulge in chocolate,…
    Dine at Paris’ top vegan restaurantsIndulge in chocolate, cheese, and wine tastingsTake cooking classes with celebrated chefsExperience vegan high teaBrunch at Paris’ hottest caféEnjoy a French picnic at the Eiffel TowerSip champagne at an authentic cave à vinsBicycle through charming backstreetsTour a neighborhood vegan fromagerieSoak in a traditional hammamEat sumptuous French pastriesStroll through a famous outdoor flea marketTake a private tour of VersaillesSound good? Then come to on a Vegan Epicure’s Tour of Paris with us! This September! ... read more
    Published on 2018-03-16
    4 days ago
  • Banana Doughnuts with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting
    Banana doughnuts are good. Vegan banana doughnuts…better. Vegan banana doughnuts studded with rich chocolate chips and smothered in rich chocolaty peanut buttery goodness?? OH YES. Get ready for a decadent sweet vegan treat! Well, we made it! Happy first post daylight savings Friday of 2018. How did everyone make out with the time change this year? Things were a little bumpy in the old ConVeg household. Sunday was fine, but once the week started I found myself a little grumpier and clumsier than usual. I took a bit of a spill on Monday while breaking in a new pair of gym shoes and ended up a little bruised and scratched up. I read somewhere that the Monday after springing the clocks forward normally sees an uptick in accidents. So yeah, I blame DST. In my house we go around calling it daylight stupid time. Because we’re mature like that. Anyhow, what better way to make up for some bruises and sleep deprivation than doughnuts? I’ve been hanging on to these suckers for a couple of weeks and now seemed like just about the perfect time to share their deliciousness. I had banana doughnuts on my “to blog” list for a while, but then one day I got the brilliant idea to make them with chocolate chips and chocolate peanut butter frosting. Think about it: bananas and ... read more
    Published on 2018-03-16By Alissa Saenz
    4 days ago
  • Irish Canons of Taste
    What could be more Irish than potatoes and cabbage, when it comes to cuisine, at least? So beloved is the classic colcannon that it was historically greeted by song, praised for its simple, buttery charm. Although most frequently enjoyed during Halloween celebrations back in the olden days, today, this time-honored side dish has come to symbolize the culinary genius of the Emerald Isle whenever St. Patrick’s Day rolls around. For a delicious twist on the Irish staple, mashed broccoli and cauliflower join forces with kale, cabbage, and horseradish in this harmonious family reunion. They’re all cruciferous vegetables, and all pitch-perfect when singing together as a modern ode to the old-fashioned spud. It will be hard to go back to plain old mashed potatoes once this fresh blend has graced your table. Cruciferous ColcannonFrom Real Food, Really Fast by Hannah Kaminsky 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil 2 Cups Stemmed and Chopped Kale* 2 Cups Shredded Savoy or Green Cabbage 3 Scallions, Thinly Sliced 1/2 Pound Frozen Cauliflower, Thawed 1/2 Pound Frozen Broccoli, Thawed 1/4 Cup Vegetable Stock 1 Tablespoon Nutritional Yeast 2 Teaspoons Freshly Grated Horseradish 3/4 Teaspoon Salt 1/8 Teaspoon Ground Nutmeg Vegan Butter, to Serve (Optional) Heat the oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add the kale and cabbage in handfuls, stirring until wilted down enough to comfortably accommodate all the green. ... read more
    Published on 2018-03-16By Hannah (BitterSweet)
    4 days ago
  • Podcast #26: The Paleo Instant Pot Cookbook with Cheryl Malik
    Cheryl Malik is the creator of the 40 Aprons website, a fantastic resource for healthy recipes. During our interview on episode #26 of the Clean Eating Podcast, we talk about her new book, The Paleo Instant Pot Cookbook. For this new episode on Clean Eating for Women, you can listen here or using your favorite podcast app (or click here if you don’t see the player below): Subscribe on Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Android | Stitcher In this episode of the Clean Eating for Women podcast, we talk about: Cheryl’s health journey Healthy clean eating The Paleo Instant Pot Cookbook Some highlights of this episode on Paleo & Whole30 Meal Prepping: 40 Aprons is actually the fourth name of Cheryl’s blog. She finally decided on this name, because she didn’t want a blog that wasn’t tied down to a specific type of eating. Plus, whenever her friends traveled they would bring her a new apron, and she had at least 40. [02:01] Cheryl tells her story of how being vegan stopped working for her. Cheryl and her husband were thinking about having children, and she got a blood test and found out that she had hypothyroidism. She also noticed that healthy fat might be a solution and started eating coconut oil. She finally discovered she was missing nutrients from not eating animal ... read more
    Published on 2018-03-16By Carrie Forrest, MPH in Nutrition
    4 days ago
  • Ask Angela: A new spin on my Raw Chocolate Brownies, my DIY food styling tricks, and more
    Hey everyone, I hope you’re enjoying a fun March break if you’re off this week! We finally decided to book a quick trip to Arizona to visit my parents—even though after our December holiday travel shenanigans I vowed I wouldn’t fly with Arlo again until he’s older and less squirmy…lol. Spoiler alert: he is at peak squirminess these days, but when you’re over winter, you’re over winter, am I right? I think we’re all counting down the days until we are soaking up the sun!  Q1. Hi! My husband and I LOVE your Glowing Spiced Lentil Soup. Amazing. We were thinking of switching it up a tad and using white beans instead of lentils. Any thoughts?  Hey Reagan, So happy you both love it so much! It’s on regular rotation over here. 🙂 I recently tested a version with canned white beans (added at the end with the spinach) and reduced the broth to 1 cup since there were no red lentils soaking it up. To be honest, I didn’t like this alternative as much as the original—maybe because I reduced the liquid and that threw off the flavours, or maybe I’m just so used to the tried-and-true Glowing Spiced Lentil Soup recipe at this point! #changeishard, lol. I also used light coconut milk instead of full-fat and that could’ve made the soup less ... read more
    Published on 2018-03-16By Angela (Oh She Glows)
    4 days ago
  • Does Chocolate Cause Acne?
    What are the effects of dairy products, sugar, and chocolate on pimple formation? ... read more
    Published on 2018-03-16By Michael Greger M.D. FACLM
    4 days ago
  • Top o’ th’ marnin’ to ya. We have a 48 HOURS-ONLY FLASH SALE in…
    Top o’ th’ marnin’ to ya. We have a 48 HOURS-ONLY FLASH SALE in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day!Sign up for a year of VegNews for only $17—and get a FREE recipe for the vegan shamrock shake of your dreams.Act fast, this sale ends soon! ... read more
    Published on 2018-03-15
    4 days ago
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